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Discovery Communications Invests in 24/7 TV Channel for Dogs

Mashable!  |  April 8, 2014

Even the most faithful canine can only watch so much of the Kardashians. Realizing as much, Discovery Communications, the company behind Animal Planet, has bought an unspecified stake in DogTV, a two-year-old network created with U.S. canines in mind.

The channel broadcasts 24/7, splitting content into three categories: relaxation (think New Age music and a slow-pan of sleeping dogs), stimulation (chirping birds and wrestling puppies) and exposure (busy intersections, babies, postal workers, and such).

The target market is humans who feel guilty about leaving pets home alone, and the idea isn't new. A similar product called Puppy Channel was launched in 1997 and still maintains a website. (This American Life produced a great radio profile of its creation.) Read more... ...